In Search of My Uuru

Author: Justine De Penning
Performance: Justine De Penning
Photography: Gayatri Nair
  A performance exhibition in conjunction with Goethe Institut Chennai and Art Chennai

Role Models & Power Relations curated by Andreas Rost and Else Gabriel.

Exhibited in a largescale public exhibition on
Elliots beach, Chennai.

History once shifted, justifies a future; who is to say who belongs where. In 1780 Marie Sice married a Pierre De Penning in Our Lady Angels Church, Tranquebar. In this photography based performance work, Justine De Penning traces her roots in India dating back to the 1712. She uses costumes of the colonial stereotype to re-visit her ancestral town and reframe the historical myth of the white woman as a tragic exile in the colony (as an obstacle in the process of the masculine imperial enterprise) to create a shift in the focus towards a new kind of construction of identity, a failed nostalgic journey that plays with place and time.